As Fresh as it Gets

Nicosia & Limassol

We’d love to explain to everyone why we urge to differ but we prefer letting you be the judge
Our Founders

Petros Georgiou

Giannos Christoforou






Located in the city center, Pyxida in Nicosia has been a success story since 2004. With quality and focus on our aim we able to serve consistently fresh seafood. Whether you are on business lunch or casual dinner with family, Pyxida is always a choice


Following a 10 year success in Nicosia we expanded our knowledge to the new Limassol Marina. We are blending everything that we have learned all these years, and with the breath-taking view of the coastal sea line we offer you a full experience for all the senses.


The Oyster Bar is a raw bar, restaurant and bar located in the city center. With a small frontage garden, a warm ambiance, we invite you to join us for a cocktail or premium spirits and relax on our high stool sofas

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