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QualityAbove All

“Our primary focus in our culinary journey is not to tamper with quality, therefore we only use the best ingredients and proteins we can get our hands on. Always fresh seafood from local fishermen that we have worked with for decades and of course local produce”

Petros Georgiou
Executive Chef, Limassol


Ultimate Dining Experience like no other. Our modern fusion cuisine
“A dining experience needs three elements; amazing food, great service and relaxing atmosphere. There is nothing better than sitting at a table with good company, enjoying food and being spoiled by our service. Got to love that feeling being treated as king while retaining that friendly atmosphere”
Giannos Christoforou
Maître d’, Nicosia

Balanceis the key

“No meal is complete without some sort of alcohol. From aperitifs to elegant wines & digestive cocktails, we have it all; Carefully selected wines from all price range from all around the world. Chic cocktails, but not too complicated, just enough make a complex one seem simple and harmonious always emphasising the wonderful nature of the primary spirit”

Demetris Georgiou
Maître d’ & Sommelier, Oyster Bar


Meetthe Chefs

Petros Georgiou
Executive Chef Limassol

I've been cooking seafood for more than half my life. From tartare to fish fillet, I like experimenting with anything that sea can offer us.

Ellie Hadjidemetriou
Executive Chef Nicosia

Life is a journey . And the kitchen, my own trip. It takes me to places near and far, in the past, in the present even in the future. Flavours, smells and fantasies walk me along the paths of tasteful feasts.

Artiom Canschi
Head Chef Nicosia

Although I am originally from Moldova, Cyprus soon became my home. I've been working with the same team for 5 years now, and I enjoy be challenged with new ingredients and techniques. My favourite dish is stuffed sea-bass with citrus and fresh herbs.

Stefanos Miltiadous
Head Chef Oyster Bar

Born in Thailand and raised in Cyprus. I fell in love with cooking by the age of 10 when my mother used to cook me Thai cuisine. I graduated as a chef in 2010 and I've been working at Pyxida Group since then. Favourite dish, any seafood with ginger and coconut milk!

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