By the sea or in the busy capital
You can be sure to get the same freshness and quality

Nicosia & Limassol

NicosiaDown Town

Down Town
Pyxida Fish Tavern
5 Menandrou, 1066
Nicosia, Cyprus


Openning Hours

Our Nicosia branch currently works for lunch and dinner only.

Noon Evening
Every Day 12:15pm to 3:30pm 7:15pm to 11:00pm


Pyxida Fish Tavern
Limassol Marina, 3601
Limassol, Cyprus


Openning Hours

Our Limassol Marina branch operates from lunch till dinner including most public holidays.

All day long
Every Day 12:00pm to 11:00pm

NicosiaOyster Bar

The Oyster Bar
3 Menandrou, 1066
Nicosia, Cyprus

Visit the Oyster Bar


Before getting in touch with us make sure you read the FAQ's. We may have the answer for you

That is no problem. Each and every one of us is intolerable to a substance.

We do offer vegetarian dishes and its best to alert one of our maitre d’s in advance of your allergy to guide you through the ordering process

Our fish meze includes 23 dips and dishes. From salads to fish bream on the grill. The dishes vary from season to season and from the catch of the day so its difficult to point every dish. If you want a specific menu item it’s best to ask for it in advance or pre-book it.

Yes, we do offer fixed-price menus or we can even make a custom one for you. When you get in touch with us make sure to know exactly the number of guests and your budget per person

Yes, you can book the entire place for your self but it may come costly. It depends on the day and the number of guests. If you need any more clarifications don’t hesitate to contact us

Unfortunately no. At this stage we do not support online reservations so it’s best to call the restaurant directly

No, reservations are not mandatory but are highly recommended. Pyxida is a busy place and it’s best to ensure to have table booked for you in advance

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