“Pyxida Fish Tavern” in Nicosia and “Oyster Bar” as well as “Pyxida Fish Tavern” in Limassol are hereby directed to the open call for tenders from suppliers for the supply of the following products:

1. Fresh fish
2. Frozen fish
3. Fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen vegetables
4. Bakeries
5. Dairy and cheeses
6. Pharinoids
7. Types of Asian Cuisine
8. Spirits
9. Non-alcoholic Beverages
10. Cleaning and chemicals
11. Consumables, disposable items

Bids with a duration of one year (January 2018 – January 2019) must be submitted by 22/01/2018 at the latest:

1. In writing, at “Pyxida Fish Tavern”(Nicosia) at 5A Menandrou Street, 1066 Nicosia, or at “Pyxida Fish Tavern” (Limassol), Lemesos Marina Ε5, 3601 Limassol.
2. But also in digital format on e-mail: or